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Dr. Nixon Family Dental

When you come for your appointment, you’ll be greeted by many familiar smiling faces, some of the staff at Dr. Beth Nixon Family Dentistry have been here for 10+ years!

We Welcome New Patients!

We’d like to thank you for considering us to be your dental office and team, choosing an office that is right for you is important. We have always appreciated the referral of friends and family that have come our way. To us, this is one of the best compliments in the faith and trust our patients have in us.

We see patients of all ages, and we always really enjoy our appointments with children! We take great pride in our child friendly and comfortable atmosphere that we create for our families and young patients. Children always enjoy the cartoons, treasure towers and fun appointments with our highly trained staff. Silly balloons, show and tell are some of the best ways to introduce little ones to our instruments.

We hope to see you soon, to book an appointment please call 905-331-8888 or email infordrbethnixon@gmail.com

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12 noon- 8pm
12 noon- 8pm
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9am- 5pm
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