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Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth lost due to dental decay or gum disease. It can be tooth retained- meaning natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth support the bridge, or implant retained in which implants support the bridge that replaces the missing tooth. After a thorough exam, a recommendation would be made just for you outlining your options for tooth replacement. We tailor your treatment plan to suit your needs, consider financial aspects-, short- and long-term effects and more. While an implant may be a preferred option, bridges offer an alternative choice to tooth replacement.



Dentures, full or partial are a way to replace multiple missing teeth lost due to dental decay or gum disease. At a consultation or exam appointment the options for denture replacement can be reviewed. We work with a laboratory that fabricates dentures for our patients. Study models are created so that we can show you exactly what your dentures would look like prior to the final product. The denture can closely resemble the remaining teeth so yourself or other people can’t tell the difference between replaced and natural teeth.

Our hygienists help you care for your dentures, existing teeth or oral cavity. Dentures are cleaned at all appointments and the Dentist checks the fit, to ensure you are comfortable and functioning well with the appliance.