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Cosmetic Tooth  Whitening

Did you know that 50% of people notice your smile first?

Whitening is a common and safe method to increase the esthetics of your smile. With many new products available, both over the counter and through our dental office, whitening can be for almost everyone…. typically, over the age of 16-18 years of age.  Whitening is a safe way to brighten your smile and feel great about yourself.

At our office we provide a few different ways to improve the colour of your teeth. Some temporary sensitivity can be associated with any form of whitening. Talk to us on how to reduce or eliminate sensitivity during and after the whitening process.

There are two types of stain that can form in or on the teeth – extrinsic (on the teeth, usually caused from coffee, tea, tobacco) or intrinsic stain (within the tooth structure caused by the aging process, medications or formation of enamel or dentin) A thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth is essential before over the counter whitening or professional products are used. This can actually speed the whitening process up.


Take home whitening is available. We custom make trays to fit your mouth and provide you with professional strength whitening gel, to be worn for a prescribed period of time. Typically worn for 30 minutes once a day or overnight while you sleep. This method of whitening allows us more control over the whitening process to help achieve the most optimal results.

Cosmetic in-office whitening can also be done at our office. A fast form of whitening or jump start to the whitening process. Usually, one appointment is all that’s needed. The gums are covered and protected. A professional strength percentage of whitening gel is painted on the teeth. A LED light is then activated on the teeth to accelerate the whitening process. The benefit with this in office system is virtually zero sensitivity during or after the whitening process.

Non-vital bleaching. After trauma or root canal treatment, the tooth can become darkened and discoloured. The best method for tooth whitening in this case, would be to whiten from the inside surface. The whitening gel is placed inside the tooth (only if the tooth has had a root canal treatment), and a small temporary filling is placed to minimize leakage of the gel. The whitening system takes approximately 10 days and may need to be repeated a few times to get optimal results.