Hi there and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to pop over and check out our blog space. Let’s be honest here… they didn’t teach blog writing 101 in any of the dental courses so be patient with us as we navigate this new world! We’ll stick to what we know best- oral health!

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No time like the present right? First up… let’s chat Waterpik!

Two options here:

  1. An oral irrigation tool used to remove bacterial deposits from your teeth and gumline
  2. Spray tool for bathroom water fights

… we’ll leave it up to you how you decide to use the Waterpik… but we’re thinking oral irrigator trumps “Luke I am your Father” water beams.

The Waterpik has been around for decades. Studies consistently show its effectiveness and efficiency in removing bacterial plaque, decreases bleeding and inflammation and to top it all off, the Waterpik has been crowned with the seal of approval by the Canadian Dental Association.

So, we know what you’re thinking… could this be for me? The Waterpik is beneficial for just about anyone! Cleaning around braces, an essential tool for implant maintenance, aids in treating and preventing gum disease and for stain removal. Safe and recommended for ages 6 years and up; there’s a ton of variety in products to choose from. We always suggest speaking to one of our Dental Hygienists, Dentists or team members in determining what products are best suited for you. With so many to choose from, it’s helpful having a dental professional give you a hand. Thinking this might be the best alternative to flossing for you? Talk to your Dental Hygienist for what oral hygiene aids best suit you, your lifestyle and your dental needs. A thorough assessment at your dental appointment helps us create your individualized care plan.

Useful tool alert!! One of our favourite YouTube channels- the Waterpik! https://www.youtube.com/c/waterpik It has dozens of helpful videos, tutorials and step by step guides to ensure you’re getting the most out of your oral irrigator. There’s no question- using the Waterpik for the first few times can get a bit messy. Starting with the lowest setting will not only ensure safety for your gums but it will also allow you to perfect your technique before increasing the intensity level. If you’re needing a rain poncho however you may need to start back at the basics! Best to find a level that is comfortable for you and comfortable on your gums. Remember it’s not a contest- using the high setting does not mean the healthiest mouth- technique, consistency and following manufacturer’s instructions is what will help you succeed!

The weatherman is forecasting precipitation…. Or wait- is that just the chance of you turning on your Waterpik today? Lol … ok cheesy joke. That’s all folks.