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Orthodontics is the art and science of tooth movement to correct crowding as well as a malocclusion (incorrect bite). Orthodontics is what attracted Dr. Beth into dentistry. As a former orthodontic patient, she saw first-hand the transformation of not only her teeth, but her whole appearance and self-esteem as well. The advancements in orthodontics are truly amazing.

Dr. Beth starts with a complimentary consultation, to assess the complexity of your problem. Not all orthodontic problems are the same. Some patients benefit from early interceptive treatment to help allow the remaining dentition to erupt properly. Others require treatment only after all the adult teeth are fully erupted into the mouth. This will be discussed at the consultation appointment, along with treatment time and the breakdown of fees.

Do not count yourself out, if you are an adult patient wondering about orthodontics. Approximately 20% of all orthodontics being completed, is on adults.


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