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White Fillings

Our Dentists primarily only use white filling material called Composite Resin. Cosmetically, they are more appealing to the patient, as the shade is matched to the natural tooth structure, but also have the strength to withhold heavy biting forces. White fillings can be done in the back or front teeth to restore decay, close gaps or spaces between the teeth or be used for cosmetically bonding purposes in the front teeth.

Many patients have concerns about silver (amalgam) fillings. In previous years amalgam fillings were the restorative material of choice. With much advancement, the use of white filling material has replaced the silver. The benefit of eliminating corrosion of silver fillings or grayish discolouration in the tooth gives you the look of a beautiful, healthy smile. If you are concerned about mercury in silver fillings you can discuss with us the possibility of replacement to white filling material. At your check-up we always assess older looking fillings and may suggest the replacement of tarnished or broken-down silver fillings.

For filling appointments, especially when removing an old silver filling, we recommend the use of a rubber dam. Rubber dam is a thin piece of latex free material that isolates the tooth being treated and prevents water from accumulating in the back of the throat. It can reduce gagging and increases patient comfort and safety. 

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