Why Choose Us / What We Offer

Child Friendly

We want to make your child’s dental visit a happy one!  It is very important that we progress at your child’s own pace, when at their visit.  A child’s first visit can be as simple as a ride in the chair for show and tell, or as much as an exam and fun cleaning.  Our tools become dental friends turning into Mr. Slurpy, Miss Tickler and Mr. Tooth Counter!  The kids always leave happy and with prizes in hand.

Our Treasure Tower is a big hit with kids, and they enjoy nothing more than getting their tokens at the end of their appointment.  Being a small and personal office, we like to build relationships with our patients and the kids are such an important part of our dental family.  After working closely with children for many years, we are comfortable and confident in making every appointment a great one.

When should your child’s first dental visit be?

The Ontario Dental Association now suggests shortly after the first tooth erupts.  This visit would be mainly for nutritional counseling, and suggestions for cleaning the newly erupted teeth at such an early age.   Around the age of 2 we try to familiarize the child more with us and allow the child to have a ride in the chair, if they haven’t had one already, counting of teeth, sometimes even a little cleaning of teeth…….as much, or as little as the child will allow. Every child is different, and we understand that!

Pregnant or nursing?  Congratulations!

Talk to us about how to keep your baby healthy during these exciting years. Care for the mother’s teeth and gums is extremely important for the development of a healthy baby.


All operatories have two tv’s, wall and ceiling mounted so preferred shows can be watched in any dental chair position! Children love watching cartoons, and it is a great way to make their appointment a fun one. Televisions offer distraction, enjoyment and are a great way to catch up on your favourite show or sport while you visit with us!

Emergency Treatment

We make every attempt to see emergency patients’ same day. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you are free from any pain or discomfort. We offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments so we are able to find a time that works for you. Unexpected issues arise, a chipped front tooth, a broken molar, pain or swelling, our goal is to see you as soon as possible.

Modern Technology

Digital X-rays

We are proud to be exclusively using digital x-rays to aid us in our thorough assessments! Digital x-ray technology significantly lowers the already small amount of radiation needed for a dental x-ray. It reduces radiation as much as 80%! We also take every precaution to keep radiation exposure to an absolute minimum, through the use of lead aprons with thyroid collars, extensively trained staff and basing your x-rays recommendations off of you individually! Digital X-rays are not only beneficial in reducing the radiation, but they are also like watching TV in HD; they are clearer and more defined than traditional film. With clear and detailed views, we can detect decay or diagnose dental problems at a very early stage, thus preventing more extensive or expensive dental treatments.

We offer two size sensors to aid in comfort during your radiographs, this significantly helps prevent gagging! With the image appearing on our computer and patient TV instantly, we can diagnose very quickly and avoid longer wait times for the x-rays to be developed. 


Our panorex machine allows a full or “panoramic” view of your teeth and jaw. It aids us in determining any issues or abnormalities with the sinuses, the roots of the teeth, the right and left jaw joints (TMJ) bone surrounding the teeth and jaws. It also helps determine the position of teeth that are developing and unerupted. Our panorex machine is an essential tool is completing a detailed assessment, taking one panorex x-ray can reduce the need for multiple individual x-rays throughout the mouth.

Why We Take Dental Xray’s:

  • They aid in the early detection of cavities that cannot be seen between the teeth
  • Early detection of cavities prevents the need for extensive and more expensive dental treatment
  • Allows us to assess the bone height around your teeth relating to periodontal conditions
  • Provides a baseline of your teeth, bone, fillings or early cavities that don’t require treatment yet
  • Can detect abnormalities or infections not seen visually within the bone or around the teeth
  • Assess the position of the teeth

How Does It Work?

To take a digital Xray, we use a small sensor that is connected to our monitors. The sensor is rounded and smaller than a tradition film Xray which provides comfort during your X-rays. Once the x-ray is exposed, the image appears on the screen immediately! We no longer need to wait for the x-rays to be processed and developed!


Interesting fact: you can receive more radiation on a five-hour flight than a single dental x-ray?

Intra Oral Camera

“A picture says a thousand words.”

One of the best ways for us to inform you of our assessment findings in your mouth is to show you a real time image, or intra oral photograph. Our cameras, which are available in all rooms, are small enough to comfortably see all areas of your mouth. After taking photographs of an area, we are able to treatment plan together, you’re able to see areas that need treatment or areas that we can watch and monitor. We pride ourselves on involving you in your treatment plan and truly individualizing it off of our assessment findings.

We love showing you before and after photographs of your treatment!

intraoral camera

Oral Sedation and Anxiety Management

We understand that for some, dental visits can be an uneasy one. For patients who prefer to have their dental work completed using a form of sedation, we offer an oral sedative to help relax nerves and remove the anxieties around the dental treatment or visit. A thorough medical history is completed to ensure the safe delivery of sedative. We have various forms of pain management to ensure patients are always comfortable. Please ask us at your appointment or consultation what we can do for you!

Air Purification

We are proud to have introduced dual Hepa filtering units through Surgically Clean Air to all of our rooms continuously purifying the air inside our treatment rooms. Air purification is completed by a multistage technology which removes pathogens, particulates, pollutants by more than 99.9% leaving clean and fresh air. Ensuring a safe environment for your care and for our staff is extremely important to us.